About Us

Kitchen Grace is the first modular kitchen manufacturing company in India. Since 1988,a time when modular kitchen was not very familiar to the Indian Consumer, Kitchen Grace has specialized in the manufacture of modular kitchen furniture and cabinets.

The company is headed by the Snehal Vasani, an architect by profession. After graduating in 1970 from Sir J.J.College of Architecture, Vasani has had a plethora of practical work experience in Mumbai , and The National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad in architectural, interior and exhibition design. He has also worked in Bahrain for more than a decade in various linked industries ranging from construction, interior design to modular kitchens.

Kitchen Grace has an excellent team of engineers and other professionals for high quality execution. Kitchen Grace has adapted European technology for Indian needs with imported machines for high quality and consistency.

Kitchen Grace imports particle boards and key hardware fittings from Europe.

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